Annual Giving Plan

Most non-for-profits want things in a hurry and hope for instant success. They are waiting for the arrival of their fantasy “perfect donor.” This is the person in their mind that asks for nothing, and expects nothing, but gives them everything! This person does not exist.

Non-for-profit board members and staff members must be willing to make the effort it takes to establish long term relationships with the individuals they need to make their organization successful. How are you communicating with the people who are funding your organization? Do you send out a newsletter? Other than the time you send a letter asking for money, do your donors know you exist?

Your board of directors and staff need to look closely at your strengths and weaknesses when identifying your annual fundraising goals.

As a consultant, I have been amazed, when I review annual budgets at how often someone will set a fundraising goal above last year’s number without having any specific plan on how to make this increased difference occur.

This is why you need to have a plan!


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